Insurance Shopping made Easy
RateElert…“The Fastest Way to Compare Insurance Rates Guaranteed!”

RateElert is a consumer insurance shopping site that combines the power of the internet and wireless technology to match consumers with local insurance agents. By offering a complete menu of insurance products, RateElert is the # 1 website for North American Households shopping for insurance.


Breakthrough Technology is the key to RateElert success.

RateElert has invested significant financial and human resources in building a unique and scalable e-commerce platform. The company was the first to bring to consumers a number of technologies that have streamlined the complex and traditionally time-intensive insurance shopping process. Some of these technologies include:

  • Policy comparison and recommendation tools that cuts thru the clutter of insurance information and enables consumers to select insurance plans that best meet their particular needs;
  • a streamlined online application process. Transparent to the user, our online applications are dynamic and request only the information required in the particular circumstance. The system also checks the applicant's answers and gives immediate notification of any missing information. This real-time process can save weeks over the traditional insurance shopping process, where consumers go back and forth on the phone between carriers & insurance agents.
  • a proprietary back-office customer relationship management system that personalizes the process. This includes enabling each applicant to receive instant email and text message notifications and renewal reminders using the RateElert Insurance NetShopper® service when they are matched with insurance companies.
Building the Future

RateElert has been a catalyst for change in the on-line insurance industry, providing many consumers transparency that they never had before the Internet existed. The company continues to bring improvements and innovations to the process of shopping for insurance over the internet. In addition to saving consumers time when shopping for insurance with its electronic processes, many other improvements simply make it easier to compare rates and understand all the terminology involved in insurance policies. Simply stated, RateElert has changed the way Americans look for insurance.

“We are excited to revolutionize the way consumers shop and compare insurance and financial services online by incorporating technology into our unique marketing program and distribution models, RateElert has clearly positioned itself as an insurance and financial services industry trendsetter.” -Brian A. Hannigan, CEO

RateElert technology and processes are patent-pending under US Patent Nos. 61196775102108, RateElert, LLC All rights reserved.© 2008

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